Pics Sale#4
SNURK beddengoed
SALE#4 organisators Bea Correa, Tineke Greijdanus and Peter van der Hoop
i used 2 be a bottle, shirts made from recycled PET, by Mindwhatyouwear
Gloves made from old shirts by Tineke Greijdanus

Recycled Sweaters by Een Motto

Rambler street wear is made by and for teens on the streets
Renata Kellerova wears dress from Rambler and bag by Keecie
Brazilian vegetal leather bags by Debora Laruccia
Wanted Jewellery
Illustrator Edith Kuyvenhoven from edith-made-it
Femke Ratering
Iefke de Roos
Jet Mous
Socks by Brown Couture
Buddhi Bags
Hats by Yola Galinsky
Nadine Kieft
OntFront creates innovative street fashion by combining classical elements of men's suit tailoring with modern, cutting edge street influences
Dark Girls (have to) smile more by Neyde Lantyer
Spoons by Annet Witchers
Doors by Atelier van Diepen
Ursula Woerner
Slow Loket by guest participant slowLab
Judith van den Boom, one of the main presenters at the Slow Loket
The Slow Loket let the audience explore new meanings of the term 'Slow'
Marcella Tessari
Della Lana
Dark Star