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Fake has become one of the defining keywords of the current age.
Despite all efforts to eradicate counterfeit goods, we receive thousands of e-mails everyday advertising anything from luxury label replicas to phony life-saving medicines.
Every city has a crowded black market.
Fake is not even merely limited to b-gradeproducts:
how many times have you seen a beautiful woman and wondered which parts were authentic?
Technology has made copying much easier.
It is a pessimistic future, according to the copyrighted.
It's positive, since the less fortunate social groups also gain purchasing power for similar consumer goods. In this context, faking should be seen less as a crime and more as an attempt of sharing welfare.
For this project* I'm authenticating all faux products I find in the market, by labeling them as Fake and reselling them.
*Fakewear was a Mindwhatyouwear project from 2004 aiming to promote reflection and bring more undestanding about the Fake issue. 

The Fakewear Collection

  • Counterfeit luxury bag bought at the blackmarket and  labelled as 'Fake' with silkcreen.

  • We have received many e-mails inquiring why the fake bags are prohibited for sale.
    The answer is because LVMH FASHION GROUP forced us to stop selling them.
    I want to thank them to allow the images and the discussion to stay online.

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