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Nature is cruel.
She taught us that we have to kill to survive.
And even when I don't buy meat for dinner,
I always fell guilty when I am chopping lettuce with my knife.
It's not because it doesn't scream that it doesn't feel the pain.
Anyway, I decided to try to consume only products approved by animal welfare.
Animals deserve a better life than the one our bioindustry offers them now.
I asked leather crafter Eliane Magalhães, who hates machines and makes everything with her hands, to design with me a leather bag approved by animal welfare.
Since nowadays you can easily buy eco meat at the supermarket, it should be easy to buy eco leather as well, right?
It was impossible to find it.
It does not exist in Holland.
Chefs already have the choice to cook eco meat,
So isn't it time that we designers get the same right?

Pig Skin

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